Vision Dashboards

Vision’s Corporate Dashboards provide immediate, intuitive, graphic information in a single integrated view, enabling you to assess status, view trends, and identify trouble spots. Combining enterprise data from disconnected data sources with business decision processes, Dashboards let you manage and improve business performance by allowing you to quickly gauge status, drilling from the top level summary to specific facts and root causes.

Web-based dashboards provide real-time exception-oriented identification of problems by color-coding summary indicators and displaying a roll-up of the worst case value within personalized business categories. Individuals at all management levels are able to track key measures, note exceptions and implement action plans before strategy and operational execution are impacted.

Features of Vision Dashboards:

  • Provide multiple level drill-down capabilities that allow access to detailed and actionable information.
  • Hierarchical summary dashboards give visibility into aggregated status across multiple branches within the organization.
  • Highly flexible configuration of dashboard format, dynamic graphics, large color palette, and organizational category definition.
  • Secure access by user roles assists control and sharing of information to key team members.
  • Web-based architecture provides access to graphics and status using a simple web browser.

Dashboard provides the ability to track organizational performance by milestones and phases. Such dashboards are extremely useful for managing the performance of staff and ensure meritocracy value in an organization.

Vision Report Suite

Vision is bundled with a report suite module that is pre-configured with standard reports covering various business areas and financial reporting needs. These reports can also be customized to suit the bank’s need and new reports can be added with minimum effort.

Vision’s reporting suite has a role-based security later that controls the kind of reports each user can access and also within each report the data is filtered for each user based upon their role and access rights.

Vision’s reporting suite is designed to schedule reports at a pre-defined frequency so the key executives receive their critical reports automatically rather than having to log on to the system and then run a report. These reports can be accessed on Smartphones, Tablets & PC’s over a simple web browser.

Vision Catalog

Vision has an in-built user-friendly report writer that permits the user to create ad-hoc queries across the entire database. These reports can be scheduled to deliver via email. It also allows users to collaborate by sharing reports with each other.

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