Build detailed customer profiles using customer account information, geographical location and business specific attributes including asset class, legal status, incorporation date and industry.

Annual, semiannual and quarterly financial statements are imported and categorized. In order to handle data availability issues, the template used for capturing and importing data is highly customizable, providing flexibility of using summary level data, or an entire balance sheet breakup.

In addition to borrower specific characteristics, a second dimension also looks at facility specific characteristics including product type and structure, limits, collateral and utilization, from which facility risk rating and estimates of loss given default may be derived.

Key Features
  • Balance sheet import and classification
  • Ability to define and modify new scoring elements
  • Attribute type and subtype definition
  • Import functionality
  • Rank and rate profiles based on relative criteria and credit score
  • Prune and trim portfolios based on relative ranking and rating.
  • Funded vs. non funded facility classification
  • Facility specific definition
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