If you are responsible for monitoring limits for treasury products, interbank counterparties and other financial institutions (the FI function), You need:

  • An objective, timely mechanism for monitoring counterparty and product specific limits
  • Regulatory compliance with the Prudential Regulations regime for counterparty, group and product exposures
  • A reporting engine for ensuring limit breaches and exceptions get tracked and presented to the relevant authority within your bank within stipulated time frames.

With the Vision Limit Manager Module, you can, avoid the damage and the cost of out of date, subjective limits by using a powerful tool that tracks, benchmarks and optimizes limit allocation by products and counterparties.

Vision Limit Manager allows you to define and manage:

  • Counterparties
  • Products
  • Dealers
  • Authorizers
  • Middle Office Limit thresholds
  • Reporting hierarchies

Vision Limit manager comes with a suite of built-in reports that allow you to track:

  • Limit utilization by counterparties, products and dealers
  • History of limit breaches and exceptions by dealers and trading desks
  • Compliance with Middle Office and Prudential requirements issued by central bank.
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