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Guaranteed end-to-end implementation
of Vision Banking BI in just 90 days

The fastest implementation with an eye for
the finest details to help you gain faster ROI

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The Sunoida Promise

Traditionally, banks had to choose different companies for deep domain
consulting and technology solutions. Often that meant that there was always a
gap between the recommendations provided by the consulting partner and the
capability / maturity of the technology solution and the implementation team.

At Sunoida we provide a one stop solution to our customers where our team of
seniors bankers first review our customers business challenges and based upon
many years of banking experience, create a business blueprint to tackle all the
challenges effectively and the same team then implements our robust worldclass solutions that ultimately put our customers on a path of rapid growth and success.

How we do it

We deliver exceptional quality as part of our implementations. Our products are
highly parameterized and configurable. This helps in handling complex business requirements in a simplified manner and in very short time-frames. We also take it upon ourselves to train our customers to handle most future business requirements through simple configurations.

As part of our model bank approach, the system comes pre-configured with all the standard mappings and reports/dashboards. So by adding client specific configurations in minimal time, we are able to complete the implementation within 90 days from the project start date. This way our customers get the ROI within days rather than months or years.

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