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Is your traditional fund transfer pricing
approach geared for a volatile environment?

Adapt better to regulatory and liquidity dynamics with
Vision's Advanced Fund Transfer Pricing solution

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Vision Advanced FTP: The industry standard
for implementing maturity transfer rate pricing system

Unmatched features, a robust FTP engine and a future proof FTP framework makes
Vision Advanced FTP the choice of top banks

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Tackle unprofitable growth, repricing risk and rate risk traps using multiple transfer rates through Vision Advanced FTP

See what else makes Vision Advanced FTP the new gold standard in the industry

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Vision Advanced FTP: The industry standard for implementing maturity transfer rate pricing system

Traditional approaches to transfer pricing have been ineffective in providing an accurate assessment of profitability along with products, channels and business units. Maturity Transfer Pricing overcomes the pitfalls of traditional transfer pricing. Unprofitable growth, repricing risk and rate risk trap can all be tackled better by using multiple transfer rates as against the traditional single rate approach.

Vision’s Advanced FTP solution with maturity transfer pricing at its core calculates transfer rates at the lowest possible level of detail in an institution’s balance sheet, the account/contract level. You can generate accurate charges and credits for all sources and uses of funds for an institution and measure net interest margin contribution at the account/contract level.

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Learn how your bank can benefit from the best proven solution for advanced FTP

Advantages all around for greater profits

The new benchmarks

Most effective way to effectively determine the spread earned

Determine the account level spread earned on assets and liabilities, and the spread earned or lost as a result of interest rate risk exposure .

Matched Maturity Fund Transfer Pricing

Assess account, customer, product, and strategic business unit performance with Account/Contract level matched funded spreads.

Greater Control and Accountability for Business Units

Accountability of strategic business units for what is in their control, pricing, and profitability.

Ability to apply user defined pricing rules

Application of transfer pricing for adjustable rate instruments based on user-defined repricing rules.

Add-on transfer pricing rates for better risk coverage

Application of numerous transfer pricing add-on rates to incrementally price for liquidity risk, basis risk, reserve risk, add-ons, etc. and subsidy to incentivize a source.

The solution for institutions to make data-driven sustainable decisions for profit improvement

Measuring and managing interest margin opens doors for higher profitability. By separating the components of net interest income, Vision FTP quarantines rate risk into your funding center where it can be centrally managed. In turn, SBUs are held accountable for what they control – pricing and profitability.

Meet our solution experts to understand what makes Vision Advanced FTP the industry leading choice for banks looking to boost their growth, no matter what the competitive landscape looks like.

The industry’s best: Designed by bankers for bankers


Plug n' play architecture

Configure FTP to run daily or monthly based on business needs with ability to change parameters on the fly.


Transfer Price any contract or asset

Transfer price contracts such as loans, mortgages etc. or aggregated balances such as cash, fixed assets, equity etc.


Add Liquidity Premiums

Gauge performance of contracts against coupon rates by effectively adding a liquidity charge.


Support Cashflow and Non-Cashflow Transfer Pricing

Use any standard cashflow or non-cashflow transfer pricing or simply customize and configure the engine to suit your bespoke needs.

Why Vision Advanced FTP

Open doors for higher profitability with Vision Advanced FTP. See what makes it the best in the industry and one trusted by banks looking to boost high growth potential.


Quick ROI

End-to-end implementation in less than 2 months led by a senior banker.


Highly Flexible

Vision FTP is easy to setup and highly configurable to meet your precise FTP needs.


Robust FTP Engine

Profitability Analysis at Account, Customer, Branch, RM, Products & Segment level.


Future Proof Best Practices

Vision FTP is designed to handle future business changes and incorporates best practices of leading banks.