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29% of global banking customers
are willing to switch banks

Discover the smartest way to reduce customer churn with Vision AI

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Leverage Artificial Intelligence as a Service
(AIaaS) with best-in-class marketing automation

Optimize marketing costs with targeted and hyper-personalised
campaigns and communications

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Vision AI brings industry standard CRISP-DM
methodology for AI implementation
delivering 70-75% accuracy

That means a greater probability of your customers choosing your bank's
products and services consistently

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Vision AI follows a 6 step methodology to deliver AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) and leverages the Industry standard CRISP-DM methodology for AI implementation.

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Business Understanding

Achieve financial and operation excellence by making informed
decisions with the assistance of our efficient analyses, key inputs, and
timely insights.

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Data Understanding

Vision AI collects the available data and Exploratory Data Analysis is
performed. The quality of the data is then verified using stringent
methodologiesand EAD estimates

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Data Preparation

From the collected input Vision AI integrates the data from various sourcesyear will be zero.

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The parameters are set using various modelling tools, following which
the AI model is then built.

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The data mining results are evaluated and after an exhaustive review
process, a list of possible actions is prepared.

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The final report is prepared and the platform is delivered as per the
client requirementsratio.

Learn how Vision Artificial Intelligence helps reduce customer churn and help your bank with best-in-class marketing automation