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Your most valuable asset
is your customer data

Mine existing data to optimize business performance
with Sunoida’s Vision Banking BI

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Quality reports, dashboards and analytics
designed to deliver all the information you need

Vision Banking BI brings data together instantly to deliver
information for easy decision making

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Multi-dimensional Profitability Analysis to give you
account level analytics using Advanced Funds
Transfer Pricing & Allocations

Gain enhanced visibility and greater control across the board

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Vision BI brings automation of all
regulatory reporting ensuring compliance
and reducing costs

Improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity effortlessly

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Gain vital business insights with Sunoida's Vision Banking Business Intelligence

With less than 5% of data actually analysed, banks lose vital insights they could profit from

Data is the most powerful driver to make faster and more informed decisions in today’s complex business landscape. Vision Banking BI is a banking business intelligence solution that brings together all your data, whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured to create and deliver highly valuable reports, dashboards and intelligent business analytics for all stakeholders. Vision Banking BI delivers actionable information that helps banks make strategic and profitable business decisions simply faster.


Identify business patterns, evaluate connections across all segments, resolve issues in real-time, and foresee potential risks. All at once.

Get what you need

With millions of daily transactions on any given day, it is important for banks to gain a deeper understanding on their business. Products and technology alone don’t make for the right solution, but Vision Banking BI, backed by years of industry expertise, brings you just what you need.

Across attributes and dimensions

Vision Banking BI provides accurate reporting and in-depth analysis across a number of attributes and dimensions by account, product, branch, business line, relationship, sector, currency, and business segments.

How Vision Banking BI works

Vision Banking BI is a modular solution that easily integrates with standard core banking applications and product processes.

You can choose between a cloud service or an on-premise solution depending on your needs. Whether you choose on-premise servers or cloud servers, we install and configure customised hosting solutions as well as manage and maintain them for optimum performance at all times.

Consult us for a comprehensive plan that best suits your needs. We work across all key functional modules including financial reporting, MIS reporting, budget and planning, cost allocation, funds transfer pricing and regulatory reporting.

Vision Banking Bi Modules: Everything you need.

Vision Banking BI Modules: Everything you need


1. Financials

Achieve financial and operation excellence by making informed decisions with the assistance of our efficient analysis, key inputs, and timely insights.


2. MIS & Analytics

Schedule, generate and share complete 360-degree view reports – from the big picture to minute details, for all stakeholders in browser-based web formats.


3. Regulatory & Statutory Reporting

Streamline regulatory compliance by using our premier reporting module that produces consistent and accurate reports with complete adherence to Central Bank guidelines.


4. Funds Transfer Pricing

Funds transfer pricing (FTP) allows cost of funds (assets) or value of funds (liabilities) to be assigned to every transaction making up the balance sheet. It decomposes the interest margin into a credit spread, a funding spread and a rate risk spread.


5. Cost Allocations

Allocate and manage costs at any level using user-defined drivers and get analysis on the true profitability of your financial products and business units.


6. Budget & Planning

Conduct a variance and growth analysis to get a complete view of budgeting with other critical functions, create multiple versions of budget forecasts and perform various what-if scenarios.


7. Performance Management

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI), measure progress towards defined goals and conduct online performance appraisal for all staff (front, middle & back office).


8. Customer Enrichment

Data enrichment puts your data through a process of refinement, improvement, and enhancement to achieve high quality which helps identify ideal customer profiles. It is a crucial component of good data governance and helps banks achieve sharper insights and greater productivity.


9. Reports & Dashboards

Standardised banking reports and dashboards built by senior bankers with extensive experience.

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10. Self-Service BI

Configure and customize reports and dashboards to suit your individual needs, just the way you want it.

Reshaping the curve with intelligence:
This African bank leads the way

See how a leading African Bank with global footprint across 22+ countries leveraged the power of Vision Banking BI to get the single source of truth and gain insights giving them clear competitive advantage.

The best performing banks choose Vision Banking BI

Sunoida’s Banking Business Intelligence Solution is designed by banking industry
experts using the most innovative technologies and user-friendly interfaces making it a
market leader in this space.

Robust data analysis and reporting

Insightful data analysis that creates highly interactive reports including compliant regulatory reporting.

See the future faster

Leverage real-time reports to predict and simulate future scenarios.

Visualize performance trends

Deep dive into data to visualize performance trends on all products and segments as well individual branches.