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Get automated daily insights into the entire country’s financial
sector using Vision’s ground-breaking ADF technology

Vision ADF technology allows regulators to pull data directly from all reporting
stakeholders without the need for manual reporting

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Vision Central Bank BI reduces errors
and reporting discrepancies

Regulator gets daily accurate analytics enabling them to take pro-active decisions

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Vision allows regulators to predict trends
across regions and sectors

Vision uses a combination of machine learning, big data and predictive
analytics to create regulator specific algorithms

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Automate compliance reports with Vision Central Bank ADF & Business Intelligence

Sunoida’s out-of-the-box Vision Central Bank ADF (Automated Data Flow) & XBRL based Enterprise Data Warehouse & BI solution is especially designed for regulators by experienced bankers.

Vision Central Bank ADF & BI solution eliminates the need to dedicate resources to manually generate compliance reports as it automates regulatory reporting. It also ensures data quality, accuracy, integrity and auditability.

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Learn how you can make significant gains through hands-free, quality reports and dashboards

Advantages all around for greater profits

Improve efficiency and increase productivity

Reduce cost of erroneous reporting

The cost of errors, inaccuracies, audits, compliance issues in manually generating reports is very high, and manual reporting leaves no audit trails.

Get accurate reports in real-time

Vision Central Bank ADF & BI solution consolidates data to provide automated, accurate and real-time regulatory reports.

Save big on resource time

The key benefits of hands-free report submission are significant savings of man hours that can be used for other functions, and error-free reporting. It also takes out room for deliberate misrepresentation of numbers by external stakeholders.

Delivers regulatory, non-regulatory and business reports

Vision Central Bank ADF & BI combines external stakeholders data, Central Bank’s internal data and data from many other sources to produce insightful analytics for the regulators.

How Vision Central Bank ADF & BI works

Vision Central Bank ADF & BI adopts XBRL based EDWH for reporting, monitoring and supervisory purposes. In all banks, data is spread across multiple systems. Manually consolidating this data is inefficient and raises issues of data integrity.

The Vision solution extracts data directly from the external stakeholders IT systems at a pre-defined frequency, performs automated data quality checks and consolidates the data in the EDW including locating missing data, highlighting incorrect data or data mismatches. Its comprehensive data model and automated scheduling & publishing of reports provides a daily view of the entire country’s financial sector to the executive management and key officials.

Get to know more on how Vision Central Bank ADF & BI can transform your country’s regulatory reporting landscape.


Vision Banking Bi Modules: Everything you need.

Key steps in Regulatory Reporting


Data Acquisition

  • Ensures required data is captured
  • Ensures data quality and data timeliness

Data Conversion

  • Maps target data to repository data structure
  • Defines business logic for mapping and validating
  • Implements the business logic

Data Integration

  • Builds common metadata & master data framework
  • Defines standard data structure for storage
  • Ensures data is loaded into central repository at
    Financial Institutes

Data Submission

  • Prepares and implements the calendar for returns submission
  • Builds the return submission tracking mechanism
  • Builds provision for receiving and interpreting feedback

See how we implemented the only Data Pull based ADF & XBRL DWH & BI implementation Globally - to meet the financial inclusion agenda of the National Bank of Rwanda

See how a leading African Bank with global
footprint across 22 countries leveraged the power
of Vision Banking BI to plug income leakage, save
time and resources and find real growth.

See how the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) partnered with
Sunoida to develop an electronic data warehouse (EDW) system
to automate and streamline the reporting processes that
inform and facilitate supervision.

The best performing banks choose Vision Banking BI

Why Sunoida Vision Central Bank ADF & BI

Sunoida’s Vision Central Bank ADF & BI solution helps Central banks achieve complete automation in regulatory reporting.
Driven by daily countrywide data, it generates many out of the box reports & dashboards that can be used for analytics and decision making


Improved reporting

Eliminate statistical inconsistencies to create seamless regulatory compliant reporting.


Fast turn-around time

Get accurate analytics in real time, helping you make more meaningful and informed decisions on the go.


Complete ADF Solution

With our one-stop comprehensive solution, XBRL tagged data can be directly analysed to create reports.


See the future faster

Leverage real-time reports to predict and simulate future scenarios, so you stay in control no matter what.