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90% of the Banking CIOs pin Vision MDM
as the key to digital transformation

Unravel the digital roadmap for your bank with a 360 degree view
of customers and products with Vision MDM

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Make the shift from “collecting” to “connecting”
across data domains

Rollout a smarter Master Data Management strategy with
Vision MDM and bring in new level of gains across functions

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Achieve data completeness and maximize
business value while elevating your
understanding of your customers

Start looking at data through the wider lens of transactions, relationships
and global digital footprint with Vision MDM

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Drive interoperability and agility with consistent and governed master data

Banks are seeking a 360-degree view of customers, to deliver consistent omnichannel and product experiences. Banking industry trends indicate MDM enabling the shift for digital businesses from “collecting” data to “connecting” several data domains.

Vision MDM helps you roll out a smarter MDM strategy to facilitate increased monetization, profit improvements, higher compliance and smarter risk management.

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A solution with in-depth attention to detail, so you can focus your attention on growth

Advantages all around for greater profits

Make the shift from ‘collecting’ to ‘connecting’ and deliver consistent product experiences

Know your customer's soul with the Next generation Customer 360

Understand customer behaviour and needs from diverse set of sources including social media, devices, mobile apps, big data and more.

Sustain high data integrity with Strategic Customer Data Management

Work with data that’s actively managed, verified, validated, enriched, and shared on an ongoing basis

Market to a Segment of One

Optimize marketing costs with targeted hyper-personalized campaigns as against less effective generic campaigns

So how does Vision MDM bring about true digital transformation?

Sunoida’s Vision MDM solution is anchored on achieving data completeness and delivering maximum business value. Thus elevating the bank’s understanding of customers by looking at data through the wider lens of transactions, relationships and global digital footprint. Analyze customer data from the web, unstructured social conversations, mobile apps used and big data to get a full profile for an informed decision making.

To see how Vision MDM can drive true digital transformation across the board for your financial enterprise, meet one of our solution specialists now.


Vision Banking Bi Modules: Everything you need.

Vision MDM connects everything, everywhere, just the way you want it

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Integrate with your existing
banking systems

Interconnect data silos and legacy systems to create a single view of your customer.

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Connect to multiple
sources of data

Extract and Ingest the data from various sources in different formats

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Customize Dashboards
and Reporting

Configure reporting and dashboards to provide the right overview of customer, product, channel or account.

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Deliver timely insights to
channels and stakeholders

Brings greater opportunities all around by helping create cross-sell and upsell opportunities in real-time.

The best performing banks choose Vision Banking BI

Why Vision MDM

From bringing data from multiple sources into a single context of customer data management to sharing actionable reports and insights, Vision MDM delivers a comprehensive solution for strategic master data management.