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Meet existing and emerging regulatory demands and
compliance needs with confidence and ease

Get assured accuracy in reporting with Vision Regulatory Reporting

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Vision checks all the boxes to meet your
regulatory reporting needs every single time

The fastest growing banks trust Vision Regulatory
Reporting to achieve guaranteed accuracy

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Vision delivers accurate submission-ready reports
perfectly tailored to meet all regulatory expectations

Get customized and automated reports
that checks all the boxes across the board

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Achieve flawless reporting in today’s rapidly evolving and highly demanding regulatory landscape

The fast-changing financial environment has placed a spotlight on the process of regulatory returns. Existing manual processes are not only time intensive but also pose various risks to the Bank. With new technology around regulatory reporting and the ever-increasing demands from the Central Bank in every country, it’s imperative that banks embark on automation to reduce errors, avoid the risk of non-compliance and also strict reporting timelines from regulatory bodies. Sustainable automation that can meet evolving requirements is the need of the hour.

Here’s why Sunoida’s highly proven Vision Regulatory Reporting solution is a best-fit for today’s banks. Designed and developed by bankers for bankers by banking technology specialists, Vision Regulatory Reporting automatically retrieves the relevant data, automates and creates review ready reports, aids easy validation and makes them submission ready – all on the go. Read on and see why the best performing banks choose Sunoida’s Vision Regulatory Reporting.

Today’s digital landscape means added new demands and challenges for banks to continuously cope with both existing and emerging regulatory demands while trying to meet their overall growth goals consistently. Sounds familiar?

Supervisory bodies today rely heavily on regulatory reporting by banks to inform them of potential risks that may be forming in regulated entities, which can have broader implications for the financial system. With evolving landscapes in the digital age, Central banks and supervisory boards have to constantly improve on the regulatory reporting requirements to ensure a robust financial system.

Get automated end-to-end reporting with Vision Regulatory Reporting

Made for banks who set sights on high growth

Integrate and automate

Vision is a plug-n-play modular solution that integrates & automates ETL with any source system including standard core banking applications and product processors such as treasury, trade, lending, internet banking, cards, fixed assets, HR, CRM etc. to form a comprehensive data repository. Vision also allows any type of file format like excel, csv, text file etc as source for ingesting data.

Metadata management

Vision Metadata management integrated within Vision suite, will have the capabilities to maintain and manage metadata across the bank. Metadata of source systems is extracted and maintained into centralised metadata repository which becomes one stop shop to visualise data dictionary, business/technical/operational metadata flow and data lineage from source to target.

Retrieve Data

Vision Regulatory Reporting retrieves data from various data sources while provisioning for validations and data quality checks at multiple defined levels.

Review Reports

Vision Regulatory Reporting gives the ability to review and confirm that all data is correctly presented before every submission.

Submit Reports

Once all of the data and reports are validated and complete, they can be automatically setup for final submission into the Regulator’s portal.

All-round benefits for all time compliance

High Data Quality

Improve data quality by adding missing information, removing duplicates, modifying inaccurate data and enriching the data.

Single Source of Truth

Everyone at the Bank will look at the same numbers and information.

Seamless Regulatory Reporting

Automating entire Regulatory reporting will not only save a lot of time but will also improves accuracy and compliance.

Faster Turnaround Time

Improve reporting turnaround time by using an efficient & seamless reporting tool across the bank.

Create a Repository for Audit

As all adjustments are done on the platform an audit trail is created and saved onto the repository.

Daily Interactive Reporting

Will help the bank to take course corrections proactively rather than post-mortem.

Future Solutions

Will act as a foundation for Risk, AI and any other solution that requires data input for analysis.

The Sunoida Difference

Get the best proven solution for Regulatory Reporting and get ROI in a matter of weeks rather than months or years.

Why Sunoida Vision Regulatory Reporting

Vision Regulatory Reporting is designed for the fastest growing banks that are looking to power up their regulatory reporting process with true automation.

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Plug and play modular solution

Vision Regulatory Reporting easily integrates and automates ETL with any source system including existing core banking applications.

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Meet compliance needs automatically

Easily meet compliance and regulatory requirements with Vision's in-built and highly robust data validation automated tools.

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Submission ready reports on time!

Gain unmatched new levels of efficiency in meeting regulatory deadlines and submissions with timely and accurate reports.