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The bottom line for every bank
is to prevent income leakage

Turn revenue leaks across your customer
engagement lifecycle into profits

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All banks are grappling with hidden revenue
leakages, Vision Revenue Assurance will turn
your leakages into profits

If your bank is struggling with uncontrolled data that doesn’t make
sense, Vision Revenue Assurance might give you the answers

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Gaining control over your revenue leakages starts
with gaining control over your data

Vision Revenue Assurance monitors every chargeable activity as it happens

Vision Revenue Assurance Logo
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Your lever for sustainable improvements in revenue, profits & cashflows

With consumers increasingly demanding personalized and integrated propositions, global banks are spending upwards of 14% of their technology expenditure on developing new products and digital delivery mechanisms. But banks are still grappling with data to establish control mechanisms and identify leakage points, let alone predicting leakages.

Vision Revenue Assurance is an adaptive omni-channel solution that delivers increased profits, higher operational efficiencies and enhanced customer experience in a systemic and automated manner. The solution focuses on data quality and process improvements across the customer lifecycle to plug income leaks in fees, commissions, incorrect price, missing transactions,          un-priced transactions and more.


Retaining an existing customer costs
5X lesser than acquiring a new customer.

Advantages all around for greater profits

Advantages all around for greater profits

Configurable Engine

Easy to use and flexible configuration engine to integrate to setup income details on transactions

Income Leakage

Identify, fix and predict income leakages across channels and products

Variance Reports

Get a 360 visibility into your customer transactions and insights to fix income variances

How Vision Revenue Assurance works

Sunoida’s Vision Revenue Assurance is an easily configurable engine with an in-built reporting suite that will provide full visibility on every transaction with your customers. It is a parallel processing engine from your CBS that calculates the expected income at an account level on a daily basis and compares it with the actual income in your CBS, giving you analytics on the lost income.

Vision Revenue Assurance integrates with all the product processors and other relevant systems at the bank (cards system, collection platform, ATM, payment gateway, RTGS, internet banking, Mobile solutions, etc.) in a seamless manner.

With greater visibility and predictability of possible income leakages, Vision Revenue Assurance gives you the advantage to operate fearlessly with insights on income variances, so you can fix them on the go. Learn more today.

Vision Banking Bi Modules: Everything you need.

Vision Revenue Assurance: Feature packed to deliver profits

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Ready ETL with most common
CBS applications

Ready connector with most CBS and product processors thereby saving critical time for integration.

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Capability to handle complexities
and increase customer experience

Automatically compute expected interest, fees, charges at a transaction level.

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Drill down daily variance reports to account levels

Provides a daily variance report at branch, product, customer, business transaction, currency and operation activity levels.

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Short lead time to Go-Live and quick

90-day implementation cycle that delivers returns in just weeks rather than years from go-live.

Turning customer engagement into real profits: See how this bank did it

See how a leading African Bank with global
footprint across 22 countries leveraged the power
of Vision Banking BI to plug income leakage, save
time and resources and find real growth.

A leading African Bank with US$15B in assets and
750 branches uses Vision Revenue Assurance to
gain massively through its 3.5M+ daily
transactions touching 7.5M+ customers

The best performing banks choose Vision Banking BI

Why Vision Revenue Assurance

Plug income leakage, gain full visibility and greater operational control over every single customer
transaction, seamlessly and effortlessly.

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Fully automated and scalable mechanism

Meet growing demands and requirements of your future products and banking channels easily

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Factor in varied complexities

Covers interest computation, customer-level specific charge structures and even operational errors

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Gain operational efficiency and profitability

Realize an ROI that is many times over your investment on the platform in just