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Drive true business transformation
with a comprehensive data strategy

Learn how to implement an organisation-wide data strategy
that stays true to your vision and delivers true growth

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Transform the way you use your data with a winning data strategy

Data is a bank’s core strategic asset and it is imperative to govern and manage data within the organization. With Sunoida’s data strategy as a service banks can transform their businesses with data-driven insights. Sunoida banking industry expertise provides banks with the insights, solutions and outcomes on how they can use their data to achieve the high-level business goals. The data strategy developed by us is pragmatic, actionable and pertinent to individual needs. Our comprehensive data strategy is well-connected, integrated and above all, dynamic to keep up with evolving changes.


Insights into their data gives banks an opportunity to innovate products and services. Without a well laid out strategy, banks will be dealing in inaccurate, inconsistent, or incomplete data. Sunoida's banking experts backed with their decades of banking experience specialize in providing data strategy and advisory services.


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Develop data-driven
business strategies. and
drive true business
transformation in your bank.

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Use data to better
understand and retain your
customers with focussed
customer communications.

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Improve business agility
that allows you to sense
and respond to any
changes rapidly.

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Manage and analyse
massive amounts for
successful digital

Building a successful data strategy

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1. Conducting a comprehensive
Data Maturity Assessment

We identify the bank’s current data capabilities, their maturity levels and practice areas where additional capabilities are required.

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4. Formulating Enterprise
Data Strategy

After careful consideration of the bank’s current data capabilities, data challenges, and business strategies, we identify and analyse gaps in the data architecture, technology and tools. The key data initiatives include Data Governance, Metadata Management and Data lineage Management, Data Architecture, Master Data Management, Data Privacy and security, and Data Storage Management.

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2. Comprehending the
business strategy

Make gains from a centralized vision and strong data based foundation across the bank.

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5. Generating a roadmap
and review mechanism

For a clear data strategy implementation, we develop a detailed level roadmap for each of the component of defined and derived in the data strategy. We also formulate a structured review mechanism to see how the data strategy is being put into practice.

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3. Identifying real time
data challenges

A lack of business glossary and data dictionaries impact the understanding and use of data concepts, inconsistent models, lineage, and definitions. This can lead to reactive measures such as reconciliations and exception management.

Here’s how Sunoida's highly proven Data Strategy as a Service works

A holistic data strategy is a vital component of a bank’s business strategy. Sunoida’s Data Strategy as a Service focuses on developing unique, timely and innovate data solutions. Sunoida can help you identify the current state of your data capabilities through Data Maturity Assessments. We then conduct interviews and focus group sessions to understand real-time challenges in the process of data acquisition, management and usage. After a complete understanding of the strategic business objectives of your bank, we build on the insights gained from our study to create a customized and robust data strategy and implement the same in the promised time frame.

Our Data Strategy as a Service also focuses on covering key aspects of data management including Data Governance, Metadata Management and Data lineage Management, Data Architecture, Master Data Management, Data Privacy and security and Data Storage Management.



Why Vision Data Strategy

Sunoida’s Vision Data Strategy delivers a comprehensive roadmap and implementation plan to build a strong data based foundation across your bank to achieve all of your business goals.

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Get reliable and accurate data

Get consistent and
complete data that is also
accurate and reliable.

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Profit from a strong data culture

Make gains from a centralized vision
and strong data based foundation
across the bank.

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Align your goals successfully

Align your data strategy in a way
that supports your bank's main
objectives and processes.