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Your most valuable asset
is your customer data

Mine existing data to optimize business performance
with Sunoida’s Vision Banking BI

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Quality reports, dashboards and analytics
designed to deliver all the information you need

Vision Banking BI brings data together instantly to deliver
information for easy decision making

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Multi-dimensional Profitability Analysis to give you
account level analytics using Advanced Funds
Transfer Pricing & Allocations

Gain enhanced visibility and greater control across the board

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Vision BI brings automation of all
regulatory reporting ensuring compliance
and reducing costs

Improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity effortlessly

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Vision Banking Business Intelligence is a solution that brings together a range of proven capabilities through real-timeintelligence and insights to deliver enterprise wide analytics.

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Accounting Engine

Vision’s Accounting Engine is a fully integrated suite that enables an organization to achieve single point of control over accounting and financial treatment thereby making organization wide compliance to regulatory directives easy to implement. Vision allows consolidation of entities and vehicles across the enterprise to implement standardization across business unit functions in processing information.

Close Optimization

Organizations that lack sufficient time for value-added activities often exhibit signs such as requiring more than five days to close the books, needing many manual journal entries or other manual activities. Vision’s Finance module enables companies shrink transaction processing costs up to 30 percent, reduce error rates by up to 90 percent and compress cycle times by up to 70 percent. With our help, our clients have been able to achieve these benefits through targeted process improvements, creating shared services and outsourcing non-core transactions where appropriate.

Finance Transformation

Finance organizations are under pressure to adapt to a changing business environment, both from competition and regulatory point of views. Technological advancements are creating opportunities to improve service levels and reduce costs, but are also creating an environment of constant changes and adjustments

With Vision, we assist CFOs in the following areas:

Financial Strategy: Focuses on the impact of financial and operational drivers on shareholder value, thus helping companies manage their assets and better allocate capital to those initiatives that will create most value

Performance Management: Enables management to review financial and operational information by extracting new, relevant and timely insight from corporate financial and operational systems.

Transaction Analysis: Vision transforms financial processes across an organization to improve efficiency and service levels including ‘what-if’ and ‘what-was’ analysis. It also enables adjustments at transaction level that eliminate further data enrichments.

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MIS & Analytics

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called Big Data—will become a key basis of competition, innovation and growth for Banks. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by Banks, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet will fuel exponential growth in data in the foreseeable future.

In today’s organizations, a vast amount of data is stored within multiple applications, making it very difficult and time consuming to correlate and analyze this valuable information, and because management applications are forced to purge data regularly to accommodate for volume and performance concerns, trending and analysis of data over time is almost impossible. By bringing it all together, Vision improves compliance reporting and speeds historical analysis and trending.

Vision’s MIS module assists clients generate enterprise reports for all stakeholders in browserbased, web-formats. Most users want to do more than just view enterprise reports — they want to interact with them, drilling down and through for more detail, analyzing numbers to answer vital questions and performing ad-hoc analysis of live data. We deliver reports with flexible navigation, data drilling, hyperlinking and Smart Search capabilities. Reports can be scheduled to be systematically run and distributed via email on smartphones, tablets & PCs per your calendar and recipient requirements.

Our Solutions helps organizations grow revenues more quickly, predictably and profitably by improving the operating performance of the organization, enabling it to make more accurate forecasts, better manage resource decisions and improve force productivity and hence be ahead of competition and lead its market.

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Regulatory & Statutory Reporting

Vision BI is the premier provider of regulatory reporting solutions to the banking industry. Our Regulatory Reporting module is a complete system addressing the large regulatory disclosure needs of global institutional investors. Many institutions still rely on largely manual methods of compiling, reviewing and filing position disclosure reports. Vision streamlines the regulatory position disclosure process while vastly improving the accuracy and timeliness of such reporting.

What makes it important

Preparing high-quality regulatory reports that meet the needs and expectations of regulators has been a long-standing challenge for banking organizations. This stems from the mind-set of regulatory reporting still being seen as an ancillary function with many tasks such as data enrichment, lineage and reporting are handled manually and mostly in silos. The new normal looks at regulatory reporting as an enterprise wide activity, with accountability by senior management business lines and corporate functions such as finance, operations, and risk, all driven through superlative data quality and analysis delivered by intelligent technology

Vision BI delivers true automation of Regulatory & Statutory reports that meet not only current but also evolving requirements:

  • Consistent and Accurate reports submission across the bank
  • Historic audit trail of submitted reports are made available
  • Transparent re-classification of business driven financial changes

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Funds Transfer Pricing

It is critical for any financial institution to understand the rewards earned for given levels of risk taken. It is also critical to understand the relative contribution made by each business unit, by each product and by each customer relationship.

Funds transfer pricing (FTP) allows cost of funds (assets) or value of funds (liabilities) to be assigned to every transaction making up the balance sheet. It decomposes the interest margin into a credit spread, a funding spread and a rate risk spread. From a profitability/performance measurement perspective, Vision provides sophisticated solutions that determine the cost and value of funds on an economic basis, reflecting market rates, liquidity premiums, credit ratings, prepayment behavior and the underlying cash flow characteristics of a transaction.

From an Asset Liability Management or Risk Management perspective, simulating the components of future margins under different economic and rate scenarios helps the funding center(s) determine hedging strategies and the business units / product manager to remove the impact of movement of market rates from their future income.

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Cost Allocations 

Vision’s allocation module will bring unparalleled levels of speed and ease to your indirect costing process. The advanced calculation and journal entry capabilities are also valuable in allocating pooled revenue or other complicated re-allocations of previously captured financial data


  • Manage Indirect Cost Allocation – Allocation Management provides powerful automation and a complete audit trail so you can recover your indirect costs from external funding sources.
  • Flexible Allocation Options – Allocate indirect costs based on a fixed or predetermined rate or apportion last year’s budget, budget percentage to total costs, and other budget-based costing methodology
  • Powerful Calculation and Posting Methods – Use complex calculations from previously posted data to create journal entries allocating any kind of transactions, i.e. revenue allocations, pooled unit purchased, year-end roll-overs and more.

Activity Based Costing

Today, activity-based costing and management (ABC) is widely adopted because it provides a more complete picture of the profits and costs of doing business than traditional cost accounting. Understanding true product profitability, customer profitability or customer lifetime value in any industry fundamentally requires ABC. However, traditional ABC solutions, mainly focused on modeling, do not offer integrated capabilities in data management, reporting and analysis for a successful ABC implementation. Vision is the only ABC module with an end-to-end solution that combines integrated data management, business modeling, reporting and analysis all on one platform.

Vision Activity-Based Costing provides a range of benefits:

  • Supports all activity-based costing methodologies to best meet your business needs
  • Offers a highly visual, flexible and multidimensional modeling environment with a point-and-click graphical user interface
  • Leverages web-based reporting and analysis to enable cost, process and profitability intelligence to be quickly shared across the organization
  • Provides a complete and integrated data management solution with data access engines and data transformation capabilities required for successful ABC implementation

Vision’s ABC solution enable strategic and operational decisions that maximizes profit, reduce costs and streamline processes by determining the cost of those processes and the profitability of products, customers and business segments. Specifically, Vision’s Activity-Based Cost Management assists organizations across industries to:

  • Gain insights about the true profitability of products and business units
  • Manage process costs by understanding business activities and cost drivers
  • Identify and estimate capacity or resource requirements for future periods

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Budget & Planning

The annual budget process for most banks is burdensome and time consuming—typically
involving multiple business units, stakeholders & disconnected processes. Vision allows businesses to connect budgeting with other critical functions that drive corporate performance, providing them with a completely collaborative process that is user friendly and is in sync with your MIS framework.

Vision Budget & Planning Module allows organizations:

  • Eliminate unproductive activities like tracking down numbers and debugging spreadsheets.
  • Tie together data from throughout the enterprise and facilitate cross-functional communication.
  •  Define Budget up to an Account / Relationship level
  • Create multiple versions of budget and perform what-if scenarios.
  • Allow staff in different locations and functions to participate in a single, secure planning environment.

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Performance Management

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are an important part of Corporate Performance Management. Often referred to as metrics, they are data-rich information that assist management of these businesses and understand its performance in a meaningful way. Quantifying performance is valuable for short and long-term strategy. Vision is the custodian of these KPIs and their evolution over time.

Vision’s Key Performance Indicators link data analysis with strategy implementation in order to allow companies to see trends more clearly and to respond to changes in a thoughtful way.

Organizations strategy and vision needs to be translated to quantifiable goals for each key members of the team. Vision Performance Management module allows the definition, tracking & appraisals of quantitative & qualitative KPIs across front, middle & back office.

The availability of Daily Reports & Dashboards ensures proactive monitoring which provides visibility, encourages target achievements and ensures meritocracy value in an organization.

Customer Enrichment

Accurate informed decisions in your business involve enhancing, improving and organising the existing data. You can optimize this data governance process through data enrichment.

The success of today’s banks is truly data-driven. But this data needs to be secure, intact, and easily accessible daily for operations. While data governance maintains the usability, availability, security, and integrity of data, in order to save your efforts from being wasted on unqualified data, you need to tap into data enrichment which is one of the most crucial components of data governance.

Data enrichment puts your data through a process of refinement, improvement, and enhancement to achieve high quality which helps identify ideal customer profiles. Data enrichment helps banks achieve sharper insights and greater productivity

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Reports & Dashboards

Vision Dashboards

Vision’s Corporate Dashboards provide immediate, intuitive, graphic information in a single integrated view, enabling you to assess status, view trends, and identify trouble spots. Combining enterprise data from disconnected data sources with business decision processes, Dashboards let you manage and improve business performance by allowing you to quickly gauge status, drilling from the top level summary to specific facts and root causes.

Web-based dashboards provide real-time exception-oriented identification of problems by colour-coding summary indicators and displaying a roll-up of the worst case value within personalized business categories. Individuals at all management levels are able to track key measures, note exceptions and implement action plans before strategy and operational execution are impacted.

Features of Vision Dashboards:

  • Provide multiple level drill-down capabilities that allow access to detailed and actionable information
  • Hierarchical summary dashboards give visibility into aggregated status across multiple branches within the organization.
  • Highly flexible configuration of dashboard format, dynamic graphics, large color palette, and organizational category definition.
  • Secure access by user roles assists control and sharing of information to key team members
  • Web-based architecture provides access to graphics and status using a simple web browser

Dashboard provides the ability to track organizational performance by milestones and phases.
Such dashboards are extremely useful for managing the performance of staff and ensure meritocracy value in an organization

Vision Report Suite

Vision is bundled with a report suite module that is pre-configured with standard reports covering various business areas and financial reporting needs. These reports can also be customized to suit the bank’s need and new reports can be added with minimum effort.

Vision’s reporting suite has a role-based security later that controls the kind of reports each user can access and also within each report the data is filtered for each user based upon their role and access rights.

Vision’s reporting suite is designed to schedule reports at a pre-defined frequency so the key executives receive their critical reports automatically rather than having to log on to the system and then run a report. These reports can be accessed on Smartphones, Tablets & PC’s over a simple web browser.

Vision Catalog

Vision has an in-built user-friendly report writer that permits the user to create ad-hoc queries across the entire database. These reports can be scheduled to deliver via email. It also allows users to collaborate by sharing reports with each other.

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Self-Service BI

Configure and customize reports and dashboards to suit your individual needs, just the
way you want it. Self-Service BI give you more flexibility and self-reliance in reporting and analysis.

Users can filter or produce reports visualizing their key indicators in the most meaningful way. They can independently create analyses specially addressing their particular needs and therefore derive new insight from relevant business processes. Furthermore, reports can easily be adapted. In this way, self-service functions provide users with a higher level of flexibility in the creation of analysis and reports.


Learn how Vision Banking BI brings the best of enterprise-wide analytics to deliver cutting-edge insights for all stakeholders across your bank.